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Tommy heavenly6 - ラ・ソウルジャー(La Soldier)
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artist: Tommy heavenly6
song: ラ・ソウルジャー(La Soldier)
language: Japanese
from: 美少女戦士セーラームーン THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute)
year: 2014
download: here

original artist: 桜っ子クラブさくら組 (Sakurakko Club Sakura Gumi)
original song
: ラ・ソウルジャ-La Soldier
written by
: Akiko Kosaka
: ラ・ソウルジャ-La Soldier (1993)
download: here


  • "La Soldier" first appeared in a Sailor Moon musical before it was used in episode 88 of the anime. The song has been included on almost every musical soundtrack since its debut.
  • The anime version of this song was recorded by Moon Lips (Anza Ooyama, Ayako Morino, Misako Kotani, Kanoko, and Nana Suzuki). The roster for Moon Lips is almost the same as Sakurakko Club Sakura Gumi.

Minako Aino
scans from ❤

Minako Aino

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Sailor Moon Crystal - Inner Senshi Transformations (x)

Full version and music video of Sailor Moon Crystal’s opening song, Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z


Since I just got a bunch of new followers in the wake of Sailor Moon Crystal (hi!)…

and since my old stuff is buried under a few months of baby-related inactivity…

I wanted to reblog some of my favorite Sailor Moon finds.  Here is my #1 favorite: 


Whose stuff? Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, and technically Usagi

From? Anime: Sailor Moon (all)

What? The Silver Crystal (Maboroshi no Ginzuisho)

GIMME! Hy…hyperven…tilating, hannds..twittcchinngg..

White Crystal Lotus Flowe$16.78

Pink Crystal Lotus Flower $27.00

Rainbow Crystal Lotus Flower $16.99

(I know technically the crystal is clear but:

1. Pink reminds me of the fact that every time Sailor Moon uses her power, things are bathed in a warm pink light.

2. The rainbow reminds me of the fact that in the anime, the crystal was broken into 7 Rainbow Crystals.

3. They are preetttyy)

You can get a lotus shaped candle holder at Hobby Lobby for like $6. Sometimes cheaper if they’re on sale… if you just ignore the middle void where the candle goes. haha


This is making its rounds again. I am ever so pleased.